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Weekend in Puerto Rico

Sometimes there’s nothing more rejuvenating than a beach vacation. Just you, the sand, the sea and hopefully, large doses of sunshine. Since I’m almost always in a beach state of mind, we jumped at the option to visit Puerto Rico for a long weekend last year.

Wandering through the island with our rental car enabled us to experience more of Puerto Rico than we ever could on a quick cruise ship stop.
We drove the twisty mountain roads of Pork Highway in the center of the island for some of the most delicious roasted pork I’ve ever tasted. Afterwards we wandered further through the mountains to the southern coast finding a tiny black sand beach, and a weekend carnival in Ponce.

Journeying to the east of San Juan to Fajardo, we dined at the incredible La Estacion – a simple gas station turned restaurant that serves succulent BBQ and a burger named the Matahambre that I still dream about! Later, we hopped a ferry to Culebra Island to hang out on Flamenco Beach, one of the world’s top rated beaches with soft white sand, and crystal blue water.

We found that even in the most difficult of times, Boriquans (natives of Puerto Rico) are kind, resilient and welcoming.

– Desiree

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Get to know Puerto Rico