Should get to know the client better.

Doing a group trip it would have been nice if you pushed to get the group to better coordinate airport transfers. Too many of were arriving and departing within minutes of each other in half empty vehicles.

I have the impression that for group dinners you locked us in to menus without knowing our preferences. It caused a lot of problems when we as guests at all inclusive properties pushed to choose other food options.

The property was not up to our standards.

Response from Group Travel Consultant – Cedric

Hi Tonya,
Thank you for your feedback it is very important to us!
I am sorry that the property did not meet your standards, this property was offered and chosen by your group leader taking into many considerations for all group members. Please feel free to provide details in your review of the property so it might help them improve their service in the future.
In terms of the group transfers, many of you were required to use different suppliers to book your trips based on many factors. It has been our experience that if you have two group members arriving on different flights and scheduled to arrive at a similar time it is best that they have their own transfer confirmed to make sure that they are not waiting for another group member that might have a delayed flight which is common and did happen with this group. Also, group members choose different types of transfers such as shared and private, so we honor their decisions.
The dinner options were not chosen by our agency. When at any resort or hotel it is important to communicate your preferences to the team so you will be aware of your options and have an opportunity for a more enjoyable experience.
We thank you again for your comments, this will help us ask more questions of our clients going forward.
Sunny regards,

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