Ávila, Spain Part Dos

Ávila, Spain Part Dos

After a good night’s rest, here’s our photo tour of day 2…

Planning our route for the day’s exploration! Although we spent the night in Ávila, it makes a lovely day trip from Madrid.

Palacio de los Velada has lovely old world charm…

We just had to go back to Don Camilo’s, the jamon was SOOOO good!

The city of Ávila outside the walls.

While touring the walls, our clients were just a quick text away!

“Nada te turbe…” (“Let nothing disturb you…”) St. Teresa of Ávila

I know, I know…a French waffle in Spain?  But it was SO yummy!

I’m usually not a ‘frozen treat in winter’ kind of girl…but Llao llao’s frozen yogurt was fantastic!

The Church of St. Pedro just outside the walls of Ávila.

Although the streets were pretty quiet during our stay, it’s a completely different story for Semana Santa or Easter week, the whole area is busy with daily processions of faithful Catholics.

For late February, we had absolutely stunning weather to stroll the Walls of Ávila and learn the rich history of the town. The Walls were completed between the 11th and 14th centuries, with much of the construction done in the 12th century.  The entire old city was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985, although Spain recognized it as a National Monument in 1884.

Cedric was busy behind the camera!

I have always been a huge history buff, and learning the story of St. Teresa, as told by an actress portraying Teresa, made for a very interesting afternoon.  The entry to the Walls and a headset with the pre-recorded self-guide are available for a small fee, less than 5 euros. http://www.avila.com/avila_tourism/monuments/avila_city_walls

Outside of the walls, lives a bustling modern town…

Bidding a fond adios to Ávila with a wonderful dinner at Zaguan’s! Review of Zaguan’s

Bienvenido del Alcalá de Henares-birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes!

Alcalá de Henares is a suburb located northeast of Madrid. The city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage  site in 1998.  Although much of the credit for it’s fame is given to the author Miguel de Cervantes, it’s most famous son who wrote Don Quixote, it is a well rounded city complete with relaxing parks, a world renown University, and a rich history featuring notable names as Ferdinand I of Aragon and Christopher Columbus.

The main square or plaza, is fantastic for strolling, shopping, dining and people watching.  Even in early March, the area was busy with families and students enjoying the lovely, crisp weather.

We stopped in a random restaurant off the square and had lovely meal.  With lots of pointing and gestures, we were able to order a nice meal with my barely elementary grasp of Spanish.

All too soon, our self-guided UNESCO tour of Spain reached it’s end….OR did it??????

Author: Desiree Carter

Photos: ©Cedric Carter

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